on september eleventh, 2001, four hijacked planes crashed down on american soil. the world trade center in new york was destroyed. part of the pentagon in washington, D.C. collapsed. the last slammed into somerset county, pennsylvania. everyone on board all these planes died. some died fighting to save their fellow passengers.

aside from the people inside the planes and buildings, firefighters and police were also killed trying to rescue people.

thousands have lost their lives. we don't even know the final death toll yet.

i live in downingtown, pennsylvania. all these planes crashed within a three hour drive of me. my father's close friend is dead. 200 clients of his who were in a meeting on the 106th floor of the first building in new york have died, or have not been found. his place of work and therefore my way of life is in serious jeopardy, as it was in the branch hit the hardest by the world trade center's destruction. the very thought of being this threatened makes me feel sick, angry, and frightened.

i was in chemistry class when i found out. we were discussing the risks of explosions in the classroom.

i wanted to do something, but i didn't know what. i decided today to take what i was best at and, helping my soul feel a little more at peace, i have made this little site. i also wanted to help others help their own souls, maybe this will.

my little chibi duo represents the feelings i hold about this tragedy on pen and paper. please, show your support of america. i hope what i've said here has changed you a little bit in some way. this movement isn't meant to advertise the site, or get more hits. my other sites and myself do not physically benefit from this in any way. the point is simply to link together anime and gundam wing fans who want to show their support for america. i live close to these attacked places, but not close enough to walk or drive and help out. i also cannot donate blood. i know there are many more in this situation, and this is really for you guys. we can't help out, so i know it makes me feel better to do something. it might seem small and silly, but to me it is important.

if your heart moves you to participate, you can paste the HTML code at the bottom onto your site. make sure you save and upload him to your host. this is inside of a table, so it should show up correctly on any background. feel free to change the code or the gif so they work with your site.

persevere, survive. we will be invincible.

in honor of america, we, the internet's anime community, support her in her time of need.
<tr><td><center><font face="Verdana"><font size=-2><font color="#000000">persevere, survive. we will be invincible.</font></font>
<br><a href="http://www.heerosferret.com/america.html"><img SRC="america_duo.gif" BORDER=0 height=165 width=135></a>
<br><font face="Verdana"><font size=-2>in honor of america, we, the internet's anime community, support her in her time of need.</font></font>
<br><font face="Verdana"><font size=-2>zutto.</font></font></center></td></tr>

if you don't want to put the entire gif on your site, it's okay. i decided that some sites either don't have the space to put it up, or just don't want it being there, and being so huge...so i made a smaller button you can put up instead if you wish. save it to your site, or use the HTML code under it. remember to upload it to your site.

<center><a href="http://www.heerosferret.com/america.html"><img SRC="america_banner01.gif" BORDER=0 height=77 width=180></a>

i thank you for your support. please pass this on. remember, if you want to make a true difference, you can donate blood or ask someone you know to donate blood to your local red cross. that blood will save someone's life.

an update, i am sorry everyone...i can not longer handle the amout of URLs coming through my email and AIM...the list got hard to manage and i simply cannot list sites anymore. if this is cause for you to not put the banner up, it's fine. i'm sorry..

...support america hitcount since september 13th, 2001...